Engaging communities in Sustainable Landscape Management
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Calperum & Taylorville Stations

ALT manages Calperum Station (242,800 hectares) and neighbouring Taylorville Station (92,600 hectares) in the South Australian Riverland under contract to the Commonwealth Director of National Parks. Both properties are declared as critical habitat for species conservation under the Commonwealth legislation. In addition, Calperum Station includes the western portion of the internationally important Riverland Ramsar wetlands.

The key management vision for the properties is “to promote the conservation and sustainable development of Calperum and Taylorville Stations through community involvement, local capacity-building and innovative approaches to land management”.

To achieve these visions ALT runs a number of innovative programs:
  • Paddock Adoption Scheme
    • Groups of community volunteers take responsibility for managing sections of the properties
      • Performing tasks such as feral animal control and infrastructure maintenance
    • ALT supports them with equipment and technical advice
  • Learning in the Landscape
    • ALT encourages and supports people of all ages and backgrounds to use the properties for training and education
  • Research and Monitoring
    • ALT partners with community members and technical experts to monitor the landscape, and to investigate key environmental issues

All of Calperum and Taylorville’s programs rely on the willingness of community members to volunteer their time and effort in support. Over more than a decade of shared management responsibility, volunteers have consistently donated around 10,000 hours a year to looking after Calperum and Taylorville Stations.

This extraordinary level of community engagement is cited by world-renowned author Jared Diamond in his best-selling book ‘Collapse- How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed’ as an example of a community choosing to succeed.

ALT also partners with other organisations and agencies with shared goals, such as the South Australian Murray Darling Basin Natural Resource Management  Board, schools and educational institutions, local governments and economic development groups to expand and improve its activities.

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